Teacher with student in workshop

To support the business community and enhance our students’ education, Maricopa is building on its existing relationships with local industry. Through these partnerships, we are better able to understand the needs of local employers so that we can ensure our curriculum is giving students the skills and knowledge they need to be competitive in the workforce. Plus, local businesses are an integral part of our students’ education, providing for hands-on workplace experience.

As we strive to enhance the student experience, we have initiated a comprehensive Our strategic industry partnerships with employers will foster economic growth in key sectors of our community. These alliances will also give students invaluable hands-on workplace experience. We will launch regional industry “institutes” and create single industry boards with single point of entry by sector, while establishing hands-on district-wide apprenticeship and internship programs. 

While we continue to explore future institutes, the first six have been identified.
•    Maricopa Manufacturing Institute
•    Construction
•    Information Technology and Cybersecurity
•    Integrated Healthcare and Biosciences
•    Advanced Business Services
•    Energy and Environmental Sciences