Glossary of Terms - P

Pathway Map

Also referred to as a program map, a pathway map is a comprehensive pathway to student end goals (e.g., degree, certificate, trade and technical programs, and/or transfer options). The map includes job types, pathway map description, learning outcomes, a course sequence, milestones, and carefully identified critical and gateway courses. A personalized educational plan, or pathway, is informed by the pathway map based on a student’s goals, needs, and interests. Along with integrated support, a pathway map provides students with the structure needed for timely completion. It also ensures they are learning what they need to in order to be successful in a chosen career or transfer institution and beyond. The goal is to develop pathways that are as coherent, intentional, and transparent as possible for Maricopa students.

Personalized Education Plan

A student's personalized route to completion that aligns with their educational goals, interests, and needs. The development of the plan is informed by a guided pathway and a pathway map.



A Pathway Map Learning Outcome. Identifies what the learner will know and be able to do upon completion of a pathway map.

Preferred Relationship

Courses that a student must take together (either within the same, previous, or subsequent semester) in order to build the knowledge, skills and/or habits of mind necessary to be successful.



A specific course, subject, or requirement that a student must successfully complete before registering for another course in the sequence.


Phase of the student lifecycle: entry into program of study through completion of 75% of courses (overlaps with Entry and Completion)