Glossary of Terms - I

Industry Partnerships

Employer alliances will foster economic growth in key sectors of our community, while providing students with hands-on workplace experience. Regional industry “institutes” will be launched with single industry boards and a single point of entry by sector.


Term used in Guided Pathways literature to reflect the process a student goes through during the Connection, Entry and Progress stages of the Student Lifecycle. Includes application, assessments, advising, orientation, etc...

Integrated Support Services

Coordinated, strategic and personalized services and programs that guide students through their entire experience from connection to the college through completion, transfer or career entry.  Integrated support services enable college personnel to identify and monitor factors that impact student success and provide support in a timely and coordinated manner.


An Institutional Student Learning Outcome (MCC’s 4Cs).  One of a set of statements that clearly states knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that students are expected to acquire at the institution.