Glossary of Terms - C


The culminating and integrative experience of a pathway map. Examples could be a course, internship, project, or portfolio.


A specific course, subject, or requirement that a student must take simultaneously with another course in the sequence.


Phase of the student lifecycle: initial interest through submission of an application.


A diverse family of instructional strategies designed to more seamlessly link the learning in foundation courses with academic or occupational content by focusing teaching and learning squarely on concrete applications in a specific context that is of interest to the student. For example, allied health students in a developmental math course learn to solve math problems drawn from curricula in respiratory therapy, radiology, occupational therapy, medical laboratory, physical therapy, and nursing courses they have taken or will be taking. (See Perin, 2011, CCRC, Working Paper No. 29)

Course Sequence

A succession of courses in which each course is a prerequisite for the next. This course succession ensures the building of knowledge, skills, and habits of mind across the curriculum.

Critical Course

A course that is highly predictive of future success in a particular pathway map and that students must pass to be allowed to proceed. It can also be predictive of success at the relevant transfer institutions and/or in the workplace. Examples include PSY 101, BIO 201, and MAT 120. A critical course is tagged in the e-system so that data can be pulled to identify students who will need intervention, and to inform improvements to a pathway map.

Cross-Functional Team

An assigned group of faculty, staff, and others brought together to work towards a given goal. These teams should include, but not be limited to, both faculty and staff members chosen with the goal in mind. For specific goals, students and/or community partners may also be brought in to sit on teams. When formulating teams, every effort should be made to include, from the beginning, a representative of all stakeholders for a given goal.