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Taking care of you, so you can help students.

Mpowered Support is a complete redesign of your HR department to make it more accessible, flexible, responsive and engaged. It moves HR away from a centralized “headquarters” into the field, on the front lines where work happens. It’s redesigned to put your needs first, so you can better support our students’ success. In fact, Mpowered Support is all about you so you can be all about them!
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A completely different HR

More approachable, friendly, and willing to help.

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Flexible, responsive, and engaged

More HR personnel out in the field, where work gets done.

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Expanded services

Including performance coaching, mentoring, and training.

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An Mpowered HR

More knowledge and capability to handle your issues on the spot.

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HR the way you want it

Mpowered Support is a philosophy and an attitude that is more willing to help you solve your problem than stand in your way. We want to work with the organization, not against it:

  • Reorganizing to be easier to work with, seamless and stress-free
  • The approachability and personal touch of a small organization
  • More streamlined with less red tape
  • Creating a standard of operational excellence

Out in the field, where the action is

We’re literally reconfiguring the HR department, transforming it from a separate, isolated, top-down model to be more accessible, integrated and in-touch:

  • Redistributing HR personnel to work onsite in all 10 locations
  • Cross-training our HR professionals to handle a wider range of issues
  • Enabling our people to make decisions in the field
  • Creating closer ties with our locations so you deal with the same HR reps every time
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Continuous improvement

Mpowered Support is not static. It’s always adapting and expanding its capabilities, to be more flexible and responsive to a changing work environment. We are putting the needs and professional objectives of employees and managers first, so they better support our students' success:

  • Use workforce analytics to continually optimize and enhance services
  • Collect data and feedback from employees as we listen and evolve
  • Strive for new thinking and innovation that empowers our organization

Questions about Mpowered or how it works for you?

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