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Mpowered Potential reinvigorates our Performance Management model to help you develop your talents, set professional goals, and create a pathway for achieving them. It ensures a supportive, consistent performance review process with ongoing feedback that keeps the conversation going between managers and employees. Most importantly, Mpowered Potential provides the training, coaching, mentoring and technological resources you need to realize your full potential.
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Smart goal setting

Simplifies the process in an online tool

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Consistent, effective performance reviews

Clearly set expectations with regular follow-up

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Discover career growth opportunities

Identify where you want to go professionally and how to get there.

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Improved manager-employee relationships

A structure for keeping the conversation going.

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Fluid Technology makes it easy

Mpowered Potential uses a simple but powerful online tool to help you set smart goals for your work. It helps you understand how your individual objectives are tied to the success of your school and to MCCCD as a whole:

  • Accurate goal assessment
  • Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goals
  • Unified goals for individuals, locations and the entire organization

Effective performance evaluations

Mpowered Potential ensures regular performance reviews that enable managers to support you in your professional objectives and be aware of your progress:

  • Collaborative and interactive evaluations
  • Quarterly meetings and assessments
  • Constructive feedback and coaching
  • Groundwork for Performance-Based Pay
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Doing your best work

Mpowered Potential truly supports your career aspirations. Working with your manager, you will clearly identify where you’d like to grow in the organization and understand what competencies you need to get there:

  • Visualize your career path
  • Work out a plan for acquiring the skills you need
  • Receive regular training, coaching and mentoring
  • Gain access to the resources you need to move ahead

Open communication between managers and employees

Mpowered Potential changes the expectations of the employee-manager relationship. It’s designed to support a collaborative dynamic wherein each are helping the other to achieve personal, professional and organizational success:

  • Consistent feedback and ongoing dialogue
  • Formal and informal check-ins
  • Holding each other accountable for direction, support and development

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