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HR Technology that’s faster, simpler, and easier

Mpowered Intelligence introduces a clean, streamlined, intuitive design and usability scheme we call Fluid Technology. It’s less complicated than our previous “Classic” system, with a better look and feel. And it accomplishes much more in less steps. Built as a result of a comprehensive review of all our business processes, Mpowered Intelligence eliminates errors, redundancies and inefficiencies, and makes it easier for everyone to get their jobs done.
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Improved look and feel

Updated and simplified graphic design and usability.

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On-the-go access

Easy to use with your tablet or mobile device.

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One-stop shop for all HCM approvals

A single electronic approvals area for schedule requests, job postings, and more.

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Easy-to-navigate Organizational Chart

Find employees quickly and take action directly from their page.

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Fluid technology makes it easy

We’ve rebuilt our technology platform from the inside out. This simple-to-use design navigates easily, and enables you to get more done in less time than the previous Classic design:

  • More appealing screen design
  • More comprehensive capabilities
  • More pleasing user experience

Access anywhere, anytime with your mobile device

Mpowered Intelligence is fully mobilized for on-the-go access, all from your cell phone or tablet:

  • Track time
  • Report absences
  • Make vacation requests
  • Retrieve paystubs
  • Find employees
  • All other functions


Words that read "get more done in less time"

Streamlined electronic approvals

For managers, the biggest improvement is a clean and simple, all-inclusive approvals section. No more logging in and out of multiple pages to perform a variety of approval functions. Everything takes place in one area:

  • Simplified instructor scheduling
  • Worked hours: time and labor
  • Absences: vacation, personal or sick time
  • Performance documents: evaluations and development plans
  • Job Approvals: job postings, offers and terminations

Navigable and actionable Organizational Chart

For managers, we’ve made it simple and easy to locate employees andtake management actions, directly from the clickable Organizational Chart:

  • Clearly displayed hierarchy, who reports to whom
  • Names, titles, phone numbers and locations for each position
  • Take actions such as scheduling, approvals and reporting time for labor
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The future is bright—and even more capable

Mpowered Intelligence is the foundational platform for a series of improvements coming on line in the future:

  • Customizable dashboards of frequently requested information
  • Employee growth and development tools
  • E-performance tools
  • Employee-maintainable files documenting experience and skill sets for job advancement

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