Collective student hands

Enterprise Performance


Staff working on reports as a team

When competing at today’s speed of business, there’s no time for disconnected processes across our departments and colleges. We need collaborative processes that can connect the dots between operational and financial data; easily bring together diverse data sources; and analyze and predict alternative scenarios without missing a beat.

Our internal business practices should be consistent, effective, and collaborative, while strategically budgeting and allocating resources. This means operating as a unified District to leverage efficiencies and collaboration among our ten institutions. Enhancing our enterprise performance will also require a robust and comprehensive talent acquisition and management system that ensures we retain/attract the best and brightest, where employees are encouraged to reach their full professional potential. By putting tools and resources in place to streamline processes and communication District-wide, we can all focus more on our end goals  ̶  to better serve the needs of our students and help them succeed. Shifting our culture to a system of colleges ensures that our colleges will be more entrepreneurial, increases efficiency and collaboration among the colleges, and better leverages resources across the system.

Introducing Mpowered
In order to empower employees, Human Resources has created Mpowered, which works through four related initiatives to help employees reach their full potential, so they can help our students reach theirs.