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Chancellor's Message

Colleagues, Faculty, Staff, and Members of the Community:

Our students have complex lives and various challenges, and they come to college with the hope for an education and a desire for more. Maricopa Community Colleges has always been focused on helping students succeed in achieving their goals and dreams.

But we know that to continue to serve our students and the community, we must push ourselves to make necessary changes and move forward. The transformation of Maricopa Community Colleges is about building on our previous success and strengthening the experience and education we give our students.

As we work to remain competitive and bring Maricopa in alignment with the expectations of our community, we aim to innovate, collaborate, and respond to the needs of our students and to those of local industry.

It is more important than ever that we partner with local businesses to understand their needs and ensure our students are ready for the jobs of tomorrow. It is also essential that we help support our students’ success and make our processes clear and consistent. To support our efforts, we are also implementing strategic changes to our internal operations and infrastructure.

These changes promise great returns for our students, employees, and the community. It is my pleasure to lead our District and work with our talented and innovative faculty and staff as we transform into an organization that is better equipped to empower student success and to meet the educational, economic, and workforce needs of Maricopa County.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey of transformation.


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Maria Harper-Marinick, Ph.D.
Maricopa County Community College District