Student by a brick wall

About Transformation


The Maricopa County Community College District is embarking on an exciting transformation that will define Maricopa as a national leader in higher education and a driving force for economic and workforce development in Arizona. We have a responsibility to meet the economic, workforce, and education needs of local employers and residents, and this transformation will ensure we can fill that role for years to come.

In order to be a national leader in higher education and a driving economic force in Arizona, we must embrace change, align our college system with current community needs and expectations, and “transform” the student experience.

In our pursuit of a stronger, more innovative District, we’ve defined three areas of focus: 

1.    Guided Pathways:
A comprehensive redesign of the student experience that helps students identify and enter a clear, coherent educational pathway early on, learn what they need to be successful in their career and further education, and receive proactive support they need to stay on the path toward timely goal completion.

2.    Industry Partnerships:
Maricopa’s strategic partnerships with employers will foster growth in industry sectors that matter to our community’s economic development. Plus, students will gain valuable hands-on workplace experience.

3.    Enterprise Performance:
Consistent, effective, and collaborative business practices will help enhance Maricopa’s competitiveness. Implementing a comprehensive talent acquisition and management system as well as updating our resource allocation methods are also key.